• Beetroot Carpaccio: Goat cheese Espuma, arugula, cherry syrup, walnuts in wine caramel ... CZK 147
  • Tuna tartare: Sashimi tuna, shallot, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, citrus, avocado, soy beans ... CZK 187
  • Homemade sweet potato fries: Cheddar sauce, cheese, Jalapeños, smoked paprika from salt ... CZK 107
  • Tortilla nachos: baked with Irish cheddar, jalapenos, avocado, pomegranate, chili ... CZK 147


  • Tuna steak (200g) in a black sesame and sea salt crust, blackberries, rustic vegetables, jasmine rice ... CZK 387
  • Pork ribs, marinated in black beer and honey, julienne vegetables, toasted bread ... CZK 237
  • Juicy Crogue Monsignor toast: with fried egg, toasted Prague ham, aged gouda cheese, mild pepper béchamel, arugula tomato and cherry syrup salad, potato chips ... CZK 177
  • Chicken breast in breadcrumbs: herb marinade, truffle mayonnaise, Pico de Gallo salad, potato chips ... CZK 237
  • Caesar salad: with grilled chicken, paresan, cherry tomatoes, croutons, capers and bacon ... CZK 177
  • Large salad with chicken: in orange marinade, grilled vegetables, sunflower seeds ... CZK 177
  • Grilled tiger prawns: Salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes, roasted peanuts, mango dressing ... CZK 275
  • Beef Hanger steak: very fine aged steak, herb butter, fried potatoes/fries ... CZK 293
  • Mix Grill: grilled chicken, pork and beef, steak salad, fried potatoes ... CZK 285
  • Fried cheese: tomato salad, fries / potatoes, homemade tartar sauce ... CZK 195


  • Beef burger (200g ground organic neck) in a sesame bun: American dressing, oak salad, red onion and wine marmalade, gouda cheese, bacon, tomato, fries ... CZK 247
  • Burger with shredded rabbit (200g) in a sesame bun: spinach leaves, fig marmalade, garlic mayonnaise, fries ... CZK 257
  • Hot Dog: Davle's ham sausage, bear garlic mayonnaise, onion marmalade, Irish cheddar cheese, fries ... CZK 217
  • Vegan tortilla with marinated strips, herb pesto, avocado, grilled vegetables and micro coriander ... CZK 187
  • Chicken burger crispy chicken breast, light ... CZK 233
  • Tortilla with chicken, cheddar, ice salad and fresh vegetables ... CZK 178


  • Homemade pancakes: Maple syrup, marinated cherries, whipped cream ... CZK 112
  • Pancake with homemade jam: fresh fruit and whipped cream ... CZK 97
  • Belgian waffles: with Raffaelo cream, banana in caramel glaze, fresh fruit ... CZK 155
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