Breakfast menu

  • Dante's divine breakfast
    Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese in a glass, Croque Monsignor toast, Fritters with honey cream glaze, fresh fruit ... CZK 237
  • Mexican brunch
    Breakfast tortilla with egg omelet, cheddar, avocado, cherry tomatoes, waffles with rafaelo cream, white yogurt with chia, fresh fruit and nuts ... CZK 223
  • English breakfast
    Fried eggs, bacon, breakfast sausages, beans, grilled tomato, toast with ham and cheese, nuts in wine caramel ... CZK 197
  • S&S Pancake breakfast
    Pancakes with fried eggs, baby spinach, baked bacon, maple syrup, pancakes with nutella, mascarpone and fresh fruit... CZK 168
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