Bistro on the riverside in the center of Prague

A quiet bistro with a view of the Masaryk's riverside and an interior that has managed to combine a modern concept with the original functionalist interior. Sitting in the garden is available to you in the summer months from eight o'clock in the morning until evening. We can offer our guests hearty breakfasts, light and simple cuisine, quality refreshments and a friendly atmosphere.


  • Dante's divine breakfast
    Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese in a glass, Croque Monsignor toast, Fritters with honey cream glaze, fresh fruit ... CZK 237
  • Mexican brunch
    Breakfast tortilla with egg omelet, cheddar, avocado, cherry tomatoes, waffles with rafaelo cream, white yogurt with chia, fresh fruit and nuts ... CZK 223
  • English breakfast
    Fried eggs, bacon, breakfast sausages, beans, grilled tomato, toast with ham and cheese, nuts in wine caramel ... CZK 197
  • S&S Pancake breakfast
    Pancakes with fried eggs, baby spinach, baked bacon, maple syrup, pancakes with nutella, mascarpone and fresh fruit... CZK 168



  • Beetroot Carpaccio: Goat cheese Espuma, arugula, cherry syrup, walnuts in wine caramel ... CZK 147
  • Tuna tartare: Sashimi tuna, shallot, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, citrus, avocado, soy beans ... CZK 187
  • Homemade sweet potato fries: Cheddar sauce, cheese, Jalapeños, smoked paprika from salt ... CZK 107
  • Tortilla nachos: baked with Irish cheddar, jalapenos, avocado, pomegranate, chili ... CZK 147


  • Tuna steak (200g) in a black sesame and sea salt crust, blackberries, rustic vegetables, jasmine rice ... CZK 387
  • Pork ribs, marinated in black beer and honey, julienne vegetables, toasted bread ... CZK 237
  • Juicy Crogue Monsignor toast: with fried egg, toasted Prague ham, aged gouda cheese, mild pepper béchamel, arugula tomato and cherry syrup salad, potato chips ... CZK 177
  • Chicken breast in breadcrumbs: herb marinade, truffle mayonnaise, Pico de Gallo salad, potato chips ... CZK 237
  • Caesar salad: with grilled chicken, paresan, cherry tomatoes, croutons, capers and bacon ... CZK 177
  • Large salad with chicken: in orange marinade, grilled vegetables, sunflower seeds ... CZK 177
  • Grilled tiger prawns: Salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes, roasted peanuts, mango dressing ... CZK 275
  • Beef Hanger steak: very fine aged steak, herb butter, fried potatoes/fries ... CZK 293
  • Mix Grill: grilled chicken, pork and beef, steak salad, fried potatoes ... CZK 285
  • Fried cheese: tomato salad, fries / potatoes, homemade tartar sauce ... CZK 195


  • Beef burger (200g ground organic neck) in a sesame bun: American dressing, oak salad, red onion and wine marmalade, gouda cheese, bacon, tomato, fries ... CZK 247
  • Burger with shredded rabbit (200g) in a sesame bun: spinach leaves, fig marmalade, garlic mayonnaise, fries ... CZK 257
  • Hot Dog: Davle's ham sausage, bear garlic mayonnaise, onion marmalade, Irish cheddar cheese, fries ... CZK 217
  • Vegan tortilla with marinated strips, herb pesto, avocado, grilled vegetables and micro coriander ... CZK 187
  • Chicken burger crispy chicken breast, light ... CZK 233
  • Tortilla with chicken, cheddar, ice salad and fresh vegetables ... CZK 178


  • Homemade pancakes: Maple syrup, marinated cherries, whipped cream ... CZK 112
  • Pancake with homemade jam: fresh fruit and whipped cream ... CZK 97
  • Belgian waffles: with Raffaelo cream, banana in caramel glaze, fresh fruit ... CZK 155

We are a small family business that has been operating in the field of gastronomy since 2003. We prepare all products using traditional methods, without preservatives, only from fresh seasonal ingredients from our reliable and proven local suppliers. We have established cooperation with small farms from the Krkonoše Mountains, from the Polabská lowland and from the Brdy region, where we purchase the vast majority of fruit, vegetables, herbs, dairy products and others. We have fresh eggs exclusively from home breeding. We also buy sausages from local suppliers, e.g. from the U Dolejších butcher shop in Davle. Our menu also includes homemade rye bread, baked in a wood-fired oven. However, it is not always available. Our summer garden has 40 places.

We wish you a pleasant stay and good appetite!

Groups & Celebrations

For organizing family or company events in our establishment, a separate area with a capacity of up to 20 people is available, and we can also provide a separate club space with a capacity of up to 50 people, depending on the arrangement.


Local accessibility:

By tram: "Narodni divadlo" TRAM stop on Masaryk's riverside is located directly opposite the Bistro. If you get off at the second TRAM stop at the New Stage of the National Theatre, then go under the New Stage across Vaclav Havel Square, go straight down the stairs towards the Vltava riverside, you will have the National Theater on your right and you will see Dante's Bistro on the nearest corner.

By underground: Bistro Dante's is located approx. 400 meters from the "Narodni Trida" metro station (line B). After exiting the subway, continue straight to Ostrovni street (approx. 300 meters), keep going straight, towards the National Theater and at the end of Ostrovni street on the left, next to the National Theater, you will see Bistro Dante's.

By car: Access by car to Dante's Bistro is possible from Masaryk's riverside. You can park closest in the National Theatre Garages, with the entrance from Masaryk's riverside, and it is also possible to park in paid zones on Myslikova, Divadelni and Smetanovo nabrezi streets.